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Batch #105521 (Pet Chews)

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Below is the Certificate of Analysis for the CBD Dog Chews

Harvest Date: September 2020

Extraction Date: February 28, 2021

Analysis Date: February 26, 2021

Product Expiration Date: February 26, 2022

How to read a COA

  1. Make sure the customer name is reflected on the COA and is consistent with the company you're buying from.

  2. Customer ID Sample should be consistent with the product that you've purchased (CBD Dog Chews)

  3. Your product should have the mg of CBD reflected on the label. This should match the max active CBD on your COA (If it is above the mg on your label- lucky you! You're getting more than what you've paid for. If it is lower, the label is misleading and you've paid money for a product that is inaccurate)

Pet Chew Potency
Download PDF • 229KB

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