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Educating the Masses

We were invited to speak at Westgate Community School’s Environmental Career Day. A big part of what we do is educating the masses about the vast uses of hemp.

Here’s some things we shared with Westgate’s Middle School & High Schoolers (after we convinced them that we didn’t bring drugs to their school 😂)

🌱Hemp can be converted to wood. It takes hemp 4 months to grow opposed to the 30 year life cycle of an oak tree

(We can stop deforestation this way)

🌱 Hemp has therapeutic benefit uses BUT can also be used for wood, cement, paper, textiles, food, insulation

(Hempcrete is fire retardant and anti microbial. As more and more fires ravage our world, we could save structures by using hempcrete)

🌱Hemp is a carbon/toxin accumulator. It cleans the soil that it’s planted in. It will clean heavy metals, pesticides, Fertalizer’s and any other problem in the soil (can be used for different chemical spills to restore soil)

🌱Hemp plastics are biodegradable (no brainer on why we should switch)

🌱 Hemp can be used for food. Hemp Hearts contain a massive amount of protein and both omega 3 & 6 (why is there still starvation in the world?)

We touched on all these points with the students to show them that there are MANY different entry points into this industry no matter if they want to be an engineer, fashion designer, builder, chemist, farmers or culinary master. They are the future and if we can educated them, maybe they can save the planet 🌎🌏🌍

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