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Our farm provides fresh produce to our community in Northern Colorado! We take pride in our sustainable farming practices. Our farm is a No Till farm and we strive to create a healthy ecosystem of beneficial bugs and microorganisms by using companion planting and organic compost.

Farm to Table

Woman with Crate of Vegetables
Home Grown Vegetables


At Heartland Farms, we use hemp as a cover crop for our veggie patch. Hemp has the amazing ability to sequester carbon out of the atmosphere and store it in soil. Hemp also is able to clear heavy metals and other contaminants from the soil. 

Read our blog about how we create fertile soil by using hemp!

Kids in Vegetable Farm


Our goal is to provide our community access to Farm to Table produce regardless of budget.


We thrive on educating our community about how food can positively or negatively impact our mental, emotional and physical health. Most people don't know that the most powerful medicine that we can take is right there at the ends of our fork.


Kids in Vegetable Farm
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