Super Food of the Week: Radish Greens

There are a lot of notions that we are out to prove wrong. Throwing out the greens of cruciferous vegetables is one of them.

Did you know that the greens of radishes hold more nutrients than an actual radish? Packed with Vitamin C and minerals like phosphorus, calcium, Iron and folic acid that are all essential for optimal wellness; radish greens can be added to any meal that calls for greens.

How To Use Radish Greens:

Radishes grow in dirt. Therefore when you buy them, they will still have earths crust on them. Make sure when you get them home you mix a solution of one cup of white vinegar and 4 cups of water to soak your radishes. This will help remove any dirt, bugs and other debris from your food source. You can cut your tops off and then do this step but we wash all parts of the vegetable anyways. Doing it this way saves time.

Once you've soaked your whole radishes for 30 minutes, rinse and chop off the greens. Lay them out to dry or use a salad spinner to get excess moisture off your greens. Place in your fridge crisper. Radish greens keep for roughly a week. If you see yellowing of the greens, it's time to pitch em'.

Why should I add radish greens to my diet?

Radish greens hold more nutrients than an actual radish. Getting enough essential vitamins, minerals and fiber is one of the crucial steps in obtaining wellness. When it comes to health it is important to remember that while taking a supplement is easier, the most powerful medicine is what's on the end of your fork!

Benefits of Radish Greens

  • Rich in Vitamin C: Repairs body tissue

  • Rich in Vitamin B6: Essential for brain health

  • Rich in Magnesium: Supports healthy blood sugar levels

  • Rich in Phosphorus: Phosphorus helps manage the body's energy use

  • Contains Iron: Irons helps the body make hormones our body needs

  • Contains Calcium: Essential for strong bones. Women stop producing Calcium on our own when we reach 30 years of age so getting adequate amounts of calcium is important for bone health.

  • Contains Vitamin K : Vitamin K contributes to a youthful glow in your skin