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Compassion Program

Choosing People Over Profits

We understand the financial hardships that come up in life. Living with chronic illness, living through a pandemic or living under the poverty line can create distress for the human body. In an effort to give back to our community, we have created our Compassion Program. Our Compassion Program offers our company the opportunity to ease the hardships of life through the gift of CBD oil to the community. We know that obtaining CBD oil is a privilege that is not available to many due to the prohibitive cost of available CBD products on the market. We believe in the healing benefits of hemp and do not want life circumstances to get in the way of obtaining the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil.

What Is Offered During Your Time As A Compassion Customer?

Our compassion customers will get 6 months of compassion products at no cost to them. This includes one (1) oil product given monthly for up to 6 months. After 6 months you may apply again. Limiting our customers to 6 month compassion allows you to determine if the products are the right fit for your life as well as allowing more compassion customers to come on board!

​Individually monthly product consultations. During your consultation time we offer advice on how to choose the product that best suits your lifestyle and how to use it! Once a month, we will do a check in and go over your product regimen to make changes as necessary. Don't worry, if you have questions in between consults, we are happy to speak with you!

How To Apply To Our Program:

1. Nominate any person (not yourself) over the age of 21 that you believe is in need of becoming a compassion customer. Please send an email to explaining the following:

  • Who you are nominating

  • Their story and why you think that CBD oil can help them overcome their hardships

  • Are they over the age of 21?

  • What product you think they would benefit from receiving

  • Do they want a product consultation about our product offerings?

  • Contact information of the nominated individual

2. Apply for yourself (if you are applying for yourself, we ask that you provide one of the following):

  • Proof of financial hardship (Medicaid Enrollment, SNAP or EBT Benefit Enrollment)*

  • Proof of Medical Hardship (Note from primary doctor or statement of need)*

  • Proof of Military or First Responder Service - ACTIVE OR RETIRED (Badge Picture and State ID Required)*

  • Proof of Age (Must be over the age of 21)

  • Send all info to and explain how becoming a compassion customer would help you overcome any hardships you are facing and what products you are interested in.

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