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Age With Ease

At Heartland Farms we believe that everyone should feel their best everyday. Our hemp-derived CBD products will help you live comfortably by supporting holistic wellness; letting you get back to being you!
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We are here for you! The most important thing for us is for you to feel empowered on what formulas are right for you. Each purchase comes with an initial consult with us on how to use your product PLUS lifetime ongoing support.


Women as Caregivers

As women, we know putting others first is just what we do. Many times during our lives we give to others without filling up our own cup. In our family, we love & treat everyone as a part of our family. This means we want everyone to live and age as happy as you can!  We want the women of our world to love being alive, to enjoy being active and be able to manage times of stress without losing it. We understand the issues that women face everyday whether you're a mama with little babies, middle aged post menopause or a great grandma - every woman's needs are different. 

This is why we've formulated wellness for every stage of aging happy!

Holistic Wellness to Help You Age Happy

Did you know all the CBD oil in our products is grown by our hands? We work really hard each summer to grow hemp that provides you relief. 


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