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From Seed to Harvest


In the Spring...

We combine biocomplete compost and dirt together in a soil block. Then we soak our seeds in a 'family recipe' of inoculum of biocomplete extracts that contains all the beneficial biology helpful in germination. After 24 hours of soaking, we plant the seeds in the soil blocks to begin the growing process! 

In our field, we have a designated propagation station for these starter cubes. We do not start our plants under artificial lights anymore. These girls are fully sun grown. 

Once our plants have a few nodes on them (and various factors pending) we plant the starts in their forever homes in our field. Each year the size of our corps change based on previous genetics and subsistence in our environment. Over the years we have fallen in LOVE with different genetics we've grown. Some do amazing and some don't- that's how it goes.  


We love watching people of all ages from all walks connect with the plants. Education is a big part of what we do because we believe this plant and the industry has massive potential to help our people and planet. 


In October, we all gather for about two weeks to cut down the plants for harvesting. This process can be tough, but with plenty of smiles and laughs it is always a great time!



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