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Meet The Family...


Marc, Kelsie & Girls

Kelsie and Marc met in high school and have grown a beautiful family of 4. Marc is a Mechanical Engineer from Colorado School of Mines and Kelsie has a bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of Colorado at Denver. Marc and Kelsie love to travel, scuba dive and spend time with family and friends. Marc currently works in the oil field while Kelsie stays home to run the farm and manage the kids. When Heartland Farms first came about, Marc was our voice of reason. We initially wanted to grow 10 acres & were swiftly shot down. In the nicest way possible, Marc told us we were starting WAY to big. Our family decided to settle on 2 acres our first years and it was a perfect amount.


Kevin & Leslie

Kevin and Leslie have backgrounds in Telecommunications and Court Stenography. For the last 22 years, Kevin and Leslie have owned and operated a telecom business for internet installation and upgrade. After spending 30 years living in the city, they were ready for a slower paced life. They search for the perfect property and finally settled with our farm parcel of 80 acres in Northeastern Colorado. Kevin works on the road providing telecom services while Leslie stays home to run the farm and caregiver for her mother, Patricia. When these two are not working, they enjoy camping, boating (Kevin used to be a professional water skier) and being with family and friends.


Adam & Paige

Adam and Paige met in in 2014 and have a grown a beautiful family of 4. Adam has a background in automotive mechanics and currently works in the oil field. Paige has a background as a medical assistant and currently works as an Esthetician. While not at their day jobs, these two work the farm and help with the kids. In their spare time, Adam and Paige like to go camping and spending time with family and friends.


Patricia (Grandma Pat!)

Patricia is the matriarch of our family and lives on the farm with Kevin and Leslie. She is 81 years young and stays young by spending almost everyday with her grand children and great grandchildren. Patricia has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She has a background in owning and operating a children's daycare and glass shop with her late husband Marvin. Currently, Pat enjoys watching her great grand babies play outside, watch war movies and have lunch with her sister

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